Autumn Mirassou                                                                                                                                  Coloratura Soprano   Height: 5'4”                                                                                                                                      Eyes: Green                Hair: Blonde



The Pillowman                                                                               Girl/Woman (understudy)                                  Erin Cronican, Seeing Place Theater

Can I Help You                                                                               Pam                                                                     DAG Buros, Thespis Festival

No Chance In Hell                                                                         Margaret                                                             Jennifer Mandella, Music Theater Intnatl

Glass Cannon                                                                                Dani                                                                     Dylan Waite, Belongingless Theater Co

Meet Prey Love: Checking Out                                                    Kelly                                                                    Greg Valiante, WedRepCo

Declassified: The WASP's Nest                                                    Margot                                                                Andrea Warriner, WedRepCo

The Children's Hour                                                                      Amelia                                                                 Round Table Theater Lab

King Lear                                                                                       Servant, Dr, Curan                                              Judith Jarosz, Theater 2020



I Do Believe In Monsters                                                              Bernie/Donna                                                    Sarah Davey-Hull, RCSSD

Cause Celebre                                                                             Joan                                                                    Guy Retallack, RCSSD

Angel Wings                                                                                 Muriel                                                                  Nicholas Limm, Old Red Lion Theater

Love and other Vegetables                                                         Susan                                                                  Jake Westow-Miller, Old Red Lion Theater



Legally Blonde                                                                               Elle                                                                    Tanna Herr Kienitz, Sunnyvale Comm. Players  

Bells Are Ringing                                                                           Ella                                                                    Doug Baird, West Valley Light Opera

Cyrano de Bergerac                                                                      Roxane                                                             Lito Briano, Narrow Way Stage Co

Alice: The Rebellion of Wonderland                                             Alice                                                                 John Browning, Narrow Way Stage Co

How I Learned to Drive                                                                 Female Greek Chorus                                     Danielle Cain, Sonoma Cty Tour

Imaginary Invalid                                                                           Angelique                                                         Paul Draper, Sonoma State

Rock n Roll                                                                                     Esme/Eleanor                                                  Paul Draper, Sonoma State

Beyond Therapy                                                                            Prudence                                                         Peter Warden, Sonoma State

'Night, Mother                                                                                Jesse                                                                Michael Eynon, Sonoma State



Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, MA Acting [Contemporary]

Acting                                                                                            Martin Wylde, Sarah Davey-Hull, Geoffrey Coleman, Federay Holmes

Shakespeare                                                                                 Ben Naylor, Martin Wylde

Voice                                                                                              Joe Windley, Alicia Littletree-Bales, Doug Paulson

Movement                                                                                     Natasha Federova, Anna Healey, Ally Cologna

Red Bull Shakespeare Intensive                                                Susan Finch, Jay O'Sanders, Michael Sexton, Andy Grotelueschen

Bruce Ornstein Master Class                                                       Bruce Ornstein

Sonoma State University                                                            Paul Draper, Stephanie Hunt, Kelly Ground, Tori Truss, Danielle Cain


SKILLS: Accents: RP/HRP, Irish, Russian, American Southern; Stage Combat: Hand to Hand, Rapier/Dagger, Single Sword, Fencing; Coloratura Soprano, Music Theory; Dance: Basic Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Yoga; Driver's License