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This November, I performed at Dixon Place in a play called American Hero written and performed by Mary de Carlo. I played a diabolical, grudge-holding TV producer, torturing a survivor-type reality show contestant who hurt my character as a young girl. It was a very dark comedy and sold-out success!

In August, I performed on Governor's Island in two staged readings. One was a collection of Bara Swain's plays called Big Apple Bytes and the other Susan Goodell's play called NO GROUND BEYOND THIS POINT. Both were well-received. 

This August, I presented scene work from Streetcar Named Desire as Blanche Dubois in a directing class taught by Austin Pendleton. It was lovely. We're considering moving forward with a production of the play.

In May, I played Carolyn Bryant in a heartbreaking play about Emmett Till called A Whistle in Mississippi: The Lynching of Emmett Till.

This January I played a knowledge and power hungry doctor in an original work called Two Conceive by Jake Kevrick that opened in the Hudson Guild Theater for their winter theater festival.

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Feel free to contact me, here: autumn.mirassou@gmail.com


-- A bit about where I'm from:

I grew up in the east hills of Santa Clara Valley in California, before it became the Silicon Valley. Throughout my adolescence, I danced and sang competitively and in festivals, until I found musical theater and jazz choir in high school. When I left home for college in Sonoma County, I was fairly determined to leave performance behind me and pick up a wine business major. Despite my best efforts, 2.5 years later, I found myself with a resume 17 productions long and a desire to change my degree. I received scholarships and was awarded for several of my performances and took it as a sign to continue acting. After graduating, I moved back home and worked and performed in community musical theater until I received a call from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. They had accepted me into the Contemporary Masters in Acting course. I promptly left for England and studied classical and contemporary theater intensively there. Finally, I moved to New York City, and have been acting here ever since. It has been a thrilling and extremely fulfilling ride. 

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